Registration - Categories

PCBC Vehicle Category Definitions:


    • 1939 and older with stock body, modern drive train and interior.


    • 1939 and older with body and drive train modifications.


    •  All equipment except battery, exhaust and tires must be period correct for the age of the vehicle.

    • Continental kits and fender skirts would be considered period correct for certain vehicles.


    • Any changes to the vehicle other than battery, exhaust and tires.

    • This includes wheels, modernized brakes, and/or modified engine.


Clarification of RESTO ROD vs STREET ROD

  • Street Rod: allows unlimited body modifications. Bodies can be lowered, rooflines dropped, suicide doors put on, hood and trunk louvers, etc.

  • Resto Rod: maintains stock body appearance, but anything goes under the skin.  Not unusual to see a 1930’s body fitted to a C5 Corvette frame and drive train, with a custom built interior.  That’s OK, as long as the body wasn’t modified.



PCBC Vehicle Categories

Choose the category that best fits your vehicle and enter it on your registration form:

  • 1940's Modified

  • 1949 & Older Stock

  • 1950's Modified

  • 1950's Stock

  • 1955-1957 Chev. Modified

  • 1960's Modified

  • 1960's Stock

  • 1970's Modified

  • 1970's Stock

  • 1980's & 1990's

  • 2000 and newer

  • NewBig Rig (Tractor only)   

  • Camaro/Firebird

  • Corvette

  • Muscle Modified

  • Muscle Stock

  • Mustang/Cougar

  • Offshore

  • NewRat Rod

  • Resto Rod (1939 and older)

  • Special Interest

  • SSR

  • Street Rod (1939 and older)

  • Truck Modified

  • Tuner, Lowriders & Sport Compacts